Brave Moments

We believe that all women have had transformational, transitional, and BRAVE moments throughout their lifetime.  For example:  that scary, uncertain, and courageous moment when you left a job or walked out on a relationship.  Or that moment when you stood up for someone who was being mistreated.

We believe that women need to take more time reflecting on these moments and “encoding the good.” 

Neuroscience shows us that we are “wired” for the bad.  We often remember the bad things we’ve done, the mistakes we’ve made, or the slip ups we’ve encountered.  Unfortunately, we are less “wired” to encode the good.  We want to remind women and even challenge women to think about their own Brave moments and share them here.  Not only will this be a good exercise for your own well-being, but there will be a ripple effect.  Your story may inspire another and with this we can begin to change the world. 

Each week, we will feature a different brave moment in print and in podcast format.  With the rigor of scientific inquiry, we are going to dissect and understand the anatomy of a Brave moment so that we can begin to reproduce this formula for all women embarking on a change.