Welcome to SheWorth

The place where you will be inspired to transform your life with science-based principles, resources and community.  Understand the role your self-worth plays in your overall happiness, purpose, career and relationships.   Fall in love with yourself it will be the greatest love story of your life.

Imagine a world where every woman will know her value and not feel compromised in her relationships, her career, her community or her life.

Imagine a world where women get the big jobs…50% of the time. 

Imagine a world where women founders of businesses get the capital to grow their business when they need it. 

Imagine when women take time to travel, go to yoga class, take a trip with their girlfriends…without feeling guilty.

Imagine a world where women don’t measure their worth in the number of likes on Instagram.

Imagine a world where all women feel safe, adored and respected in their intimate relationships. 

It starts with us, we hold the power…we always have. 

Be deserving.

Be Worthy.

Be SheWorthy.

Powerful Women Empower Women

SheWorth exists to raise consciousness, awareness, and expansion.

SheWorth aspires to be a place for women to share their stories, understand themselves and create positive change.  SheWorth is curated by strong women who have had their own “Brave Moments,” and have beeen inspired to share what they have learned with all women who have parallel experiences.  SheWorth is a movement meant to inspire, motivate and cultivate change. In a post #MeToo world, we are on the cusp of the most significant women’s movement; a fourth wave of feminism which will propel women forward. SheWorth will provide scientific based strategies, articles, and experts aimed at promoting self-worth, improving mental health, and ultimately changing the world!  Women have come a long way, but we have a long way to go.  There is a groundswell of awareness around women’s incredible power, but it has to start with women themselves, believing in their own strength and ultimate…SheWorth!!!!

About Us
We are brave, powerful, imperfect, and motivated women.  Through our own unique life experiences we have had the privilege of knowing so many women who were more brave and more worthy than they ever knew.  Postulating and bearing witness to this eventually lead to the idea of SheWorth.  We sensed that a place for women to gather, share, and inspire would be just the daily antidote that could help women believe in their own worthiness.

Lara is a successful entrepreneur and founder of luxury brand, Lusome.  She has been a supporter of women through her non profit which helps women in Domestic Violence Shelters.  Lara is also a super mom to two boys.  Lara welcomes you and wants you to feel that this is a safe place to learn, heal, inspire, and grow.  We truly believe that “Powerful women Empower Women.”