Personality Test

An important aspect to healing is honesty with self.  One way to understand ourselves is to understand our tendencies in terms of personality.  Research and surveys of women who have struggled in relationships or career, have highlighted two key personality traits that they tend to score higher in.  The two traits are: high Agreeableness and high Openness to Experience. 

While these are beautiful traits and not to be ashamed of or changed, they can cause us distress in relationships with others who are not respectful to our needs and desires.

The 5 main personality traits that all humans possess include:

Openness to Experience


Extroversion vs. Introversion

Agreeableness vs. Disagreeableness


Take the personality test here to know where you fall on the spectrum of the “Big 5” so that it can help you understand your tendencies in relationships and help you grow to be a better version of yourself. 

If you do end up scoring high on either Agreeableness or Openness to Experience, keep in mind that you are going to make dedicated effort to surrounding yourself with positive people, pausing and asking yourself “what you need,” and ensuring the principles of SheWorth are applied in your daily life.