10 Days to Self-Worth

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Improving your self-worth is the path to improving your relationships, careers, purpose and overall Mental Health!

Are you tired of the negative self-talk?

Are you tired of feeling stuck?

Do you struggle to say no to others and put your own needs first?

Do you believe you may have low self-worth?

What if you could learn the science-based strategies to improve your self-worth in just 10 days?

Hi! We’re Lara and Kim, the co-founders of SheWorth. We created this course to provide you with tools over just 10 days, to help you increase your self-worth using our proven science-based strategies. In this course, you will have access to a private community of women on the same journey as you, as well as daily email and video content and printable worksheets and resources to accompany every module.


1 in 3 people will experience a mental health illness in their lifetime

Half of mental health conditions develop by age 24

Women are twice as likely as men to be impacted by Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

2/3 of those with mental health challenges don’t seek help

Through our beta test of 100 women, we found that…

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A woman’s sense of self-worth is an extremely important predictor of her overall mental health.

 Women are suffering in silence and don’t realize that their self-worth has negatively impacted their mental health.

Our 10 Days to Self-Worth program is the solution. 

Harnessing my Brave Moment helped me realize my Self-Worth

Around 2015 it looked like I had an enviable life. I had a thriving business, two healthy teenage sons, a great circle of friends, a big house in the best neighbourhood, several exotic holidays per year and a powerful business tycoon husband. It was all a sham. What people didn’t realize is that I was suffering daily inside an abusive marriage. Thankfully, the marriage was short-lived, but I was emotionally, mentally, and at times, physically abused for three years. By the time I escaped the nightmare that was my life, I was a shell of myself, full of shame and suicidal thoughts. I was once a successful businesswoman making million-dollar decisions, and towards the end of my marriage, I could not decide what to serve for dinner.

The period following the end of my marriage was life-saving. I finally confided in my family and friends what I went through. The most common response was, “How could this happen to you? You are so strong?”. My conversations with my friend Kim Mueller, a brilliant psychologist, helped me make sense of my journey. Kim taught me about OCEAN and how my personality made me predisposed to tolerating poor treatment. I also learned about evolutionary biology, negativity bias, the importance of who we surround ourselves with. So many science-based insights helped rid me of the shame and heal and recapture my self-worth. I learned that while I had high self-confidence and high self-esteem, I didn’t have high self-worth, as I cared far too much about external measures of success at the expense of pure self-love and self-acceptance. I learned to fall in love with myself, which is the great love story of my life.  My story is millions of women’s stories.

– Lara Smith, Co-Founder of SheWorth

Read more about Lara’s journey here

Harnessing my Brave Moment

SheWorth was born in 2017 as a platform to deliver resources, community and evidence-based content to help women improve their self-worth. The women in Kim’s psychology practice and the thousands of women we have interacted with in the SheWorth community ask over and over, “What do I do next”?

We listened and created 10 Days to Self-Worth. A powerful daily program will arm you with the knowledge and tools to help every woman improve their self-worth.

Loving what makes you uniquely you is the

ultimate sign of self-worth.


This course if for you if... descriptor

What will each day look like?

Each day, you will receive an email to your inbox containing an overview of that day’s materials, an exclusive video from Lara and Kim where they will do a deep dive into that day’s content, an extensive resource sheet as well as a worksheet to help you take your self-worth to the next level! You will also have access to a private Facebook Group, where you can meet other women on the same journey as you!

Day 1: Introduction to 10 Days to Self-Worth and an explanation of the difference between Self-Worth and Self-Esteem.

Day 2: On day 2, you will learn about the importance of Promoting What You Permit. When you tolerate poor treatment, people are going to think it is acceptable to treat you poorly. You will be given tools on how to put your foot down and how to overcome your tendencies to avoid conflict as well as how to promote your new boundaries.

Day 3: Day 3 is all about Personality, in regards to the OCEAN Personality (Big 5) Test. Learn how your personality can predispose you to certain types of treatment, and how to overcome it. Your personality has a huge impact on your life, learning to make it work for you is a powerful tool.

Day 4: Boundaries set the foundation for healthy and mutually respectful relationships. On day 4, you will learn how to set boundaries, and enforce them overall helping you live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Day 5: Mindset is everything. If you believe you are stuck, you will be stuck. If you believe a tough situation will only help you grow, you will grow. On day 5, you will learn about the importance of a growth mindset and how to make your brain work for YOU!

Day 6: Do you find the little voice in your head putting you down? Have you ever wondered why that is? Negativity Bias is our brain remembering the negative events more than the positive ones. Learn about the power of changing you automatic negative thoughts into positive ones, and why our brain is inclined to be negative.

Day 7: The power of a Brave Moment is unmatched. Doing something outside of your comfort zone, whether it be big or small, is extremely powerful and can greatly benefit your self-worth. On day 7, you will learn about the power of cultivating your Brave Moments and using their momentum to fuel you.

Day 8: Maintaining your self-worth in your romantic relationships is crucial. You spend a lot of time with your partner and if they are less than respectful, their treatment of you can have a huge impact on your self-worth. On the flip-side, having a romantic partner who builds you up and is loving and respectful, can help you on your self-worth journey.

Day 9: Maintaining your self-worth at work and in your career can be a challenge but is greatly rewarding. On day 9, you will learn how to advocate for yourself in the workplace, how to overcome Imposter Syndrome. Become the Boss Babe you were always meant to be by learning about self-worth at work.

Day 10: This is the last day of the 10 Days to Self-Worth Program. You now have the tools and resources to continue your self-worth journey in every aspect of your life! You are and always will be worthy, and now you know how to let the world know!

Are you ready to start your Self-Worth Transformation?


(less than the price of a latte a day!)