A Letter to my younger self.

dear karen, 

I will be 64 this year, and I think of you every day. I think about how your life has moved through so many experiences- some mundane, as life can be, but many, so profoundly impactful.  I have watched you transform yourself many times, through pain, through luck and mostly through profound transcendence. you are closer to me and know me better than anyone. 

I am writing you this letter, for the purpose of sharing self-reflection, as part of life lessons learned and appreciated so that you will forgo regret and hopefully limit yourself rumination and recrimination. instead, I propose to you to direct what has been learned toward how you may serve humanity. let go of what you have, have not or will do. practice presence and learn to meditate now as a daily discipline. 

I encourage you to be introspective, but to often look outside of yourself and discover how you may help others every day. be respectful, practice integrity, kindness and compassion, for yourself and for all living things. 

learn to speak up when you witness transgression. be mindful when you are subject to the same. be strong, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. be committed to the discipline and action of zero tolerance for victimization. work toward the elevation of this human condition, but do not, place blame. it is a destructive endeavor to both yourself and that of whom you project it on to, individually and collectively. know that we all possess, bear witness and bear the burden of human character.  

learn the discipline of conservation and preservation now. live your life with fewer things of greater value. learn the discipline, respect and value of money. let it serve you well and let it help you in turn help others. 

and lastly live with love. give and receive it freely every day to and from everyone, it is foundational to our existence and evolution of life. 

I am with you always in thought, deed and great love. 


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