Brave Moments

Brave Moments – A Transformational Tool for Improved Self-Worth

A Brave Moment is one of those moments where time seems to stand still, and a difficult choice must be made. The choice is scary and usually far from obvious. Similar to an “Ah-ha” moment or a “light bulb” moment, a Brave Moment is more active because it doesn’t simply reveal something but requires soul searching and courage to make a choice. 

Brave Moment opportunities present themselves daily.  We live in chaotic and uncertain times, so deciding to get out of bed and face the day rather than hide under the covers binge-watching Bravo TV can be a Brave Moment. 

Identifying when Brave Moment opportunities are upon us and, harnessing them for positive change, is when the magic happens.  With each brave choice, we build the confidence and muscle memory to make more of them, and this is when our internal value system, our self-worth, flourishes.

The Anatomy of a Brave Moment

1. We are faced with an uncomfortable situation that is causing feelings of stress or extreme unhappiness. This could be acute in nature or a protracted situation causing ongoing distress.

2. We may or may not have discomfort, but we are craving more, different, and generally not feeling fulfilled in one or more areas of our life.

3. We know that we need to do something but are not exactly sure what it may be. 

4. We weigh the pros and cons or do a cost-benefit analysis of the choice we must face (even no choice is a choice).

5. Whether abruptly or after consideration, we muster up every ounce of courage we can and make a choice. A choice that brings about positive change, great transformation or simply having the courage to stick up for ourselves. This moment of clarity that forces action is the catalyst for improved self-worth and mental health.

Examples of Brave Moments

Ensuring you have a network of supportive friends and family, people that love you unconditionally and build you up rather than deplete you, is critical when facing the big Brave Moments.  It’s time to make a pro-cons list and cost-benefit analysis.  Often, the tipping point is when we take a long view and imagine ourselves in 1, 2, 5 years down the road.  What if we don’t make a change? Where will we be?  The thought of not doing something is often the catalyst to putting a plan in place, which is the Brave Moment in action. 

Brave Moments are categorized similarly to weather events; earthquakes and hurricanes have a measurement to assess the impact, minor to major. Brave Moments that are disruptive, scary, may impact others and could have the potential to change the trajectory of your life would be considered major. Small or medium brave moments can happen daily. They may not seem profound at the time, but the compounding effect of small and medium brave moments is valuable in building our capacity to be brave more regularly.

Just like starting a new fitness training regimen, this new practice will take time to implement, and the results will take time to enjoy.  Please start today in small bite-size ways to have Brave Moments, identify them as they are happening and analyze your feelings during and afterwards. 

Your self-worth transformation is underway.

Have you had a Brave Moment lately? We would love to hear it! Take this opportunity to humbly brag or just tell us about your day!

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