Personality plays an important role in how we navigate relationships.  Through investigative surveys and stringent meta-analyses, it has been found that women with particular personality traits are predisposed to navigate the world in specific ways.

Psychologists agree that the big 5 Personality Traits which fall under the acronym of OCEAN can help to predict where we fall on this spectrum.  The acronym stands for the following:

O-Openness to Experience


E-Extraversion vs. Introversion

A-Agreeableness vs. Disagreeableness


Click on the link below to take our version of the Personality Test and we will provide you with POWERFUL information about how this may be contributing to your own view of your self-worth.  Beyond that, it will provide invaluable information about what your tendencies may be in the workplace, in relationships, and in life. There is no one “right’ or “better” personality type.  We are all unique!  But by knowing yourself, understanding your tendencies, including strengths and weaknesses, we believe you can better understand yourself, others, and ultimately how you want to approach relationships in your life.