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From the co-founders of SheWorth comes the ultimate podcast for anyone looking to improve their self-worth.  Having improved self-worth is the path for a happier life full of love and purpose.  Learn why self-worth is so essential to our mental health.  Episodes will include evidence-based strategies to help transform your self-worth and candid conversations with inspiring humans who get raw and real as they share their personal stories of perseverance, empowerment, mental health struggles, business success and relationships.  Kimberly Mueller, a registered psychologist, offers relatable content connecting science with practical self-help tools and Lara Smith, founder and CEO of a luxury apparel company shares her story of escaping an abusive relationship and how she was able to heal and personally and professionally thrive afterwards.



Coming Out of the Pandemic: Stronger, Happier and Healthier

Co-Founder Lara Smith talks with Lisa Webb, the founder of Wine Women and Wellbeing about the opportunity women have to transform after the Global Pandemic. Chaos preceded transformation, and women have been more negatively impacted during the pandemic then men on all levels, economically, emotionally, socially and financially. Lisa shares her personal journey of moving every couple of years to remote parts of the world where she didn’t have a job, didn’t speak the language and didn’t know anyone. The parallels of struggling and creating purpose and community to what women are facing now is very powerful. The importance of the power of women coming together to create community and build each other up will be more important than ever!

We’re all in the same storm, but not the same boat.

Lisa Webb, Founder of Wine Women & Wellbeing

Understanding Your Personality

Through the lense of OCEAN, the most academically recognized personality assessment, SheWorth founders discuss the simplicity of the OCEAN assessment and how to apply learnings to your everyday life. The knowledge of where we fall on the spectrum of Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism is so powerful to understand in ourselves and the people closest to us. The knowledge enables us to understand pitfalls to happiness and success in our relationships and careers. Helpful strategies on interactions with people and navigating through life’s challenges are shared. In particular, our wiring plays a significant role in the success and harmony inside romantic relationships and Registered Psychologist Kim Mueller helps the listener make sense of this in a relatable and tangible way.

Abusive Relationships – Healing From The Trauma

SheWorth co-founder Lara Smith interviews renowned trauma therapist Susan MacCulloch on the impact to the brain and body in an abusive romantic relationship.  Susan shares valuable insights to help survivors of abuse deal with the shame associated with the horror of a relationship that is abusive.  Lara opens up on her experience in an abusive marriage.  Evidence based strategies are shared and most importantly, there is hope and you can heal, find out how. 

Moving On From a Breakup

We are wired for love, we crave romantic and intimate attachments.  The reality is that breakups are more common than the fairy tale happily ever after.  Whether we initiate the end or get blind-sided and dumped, or it is totally mutual, there is a grieving process.  Learn about what happens to the brain and body during a breakup and understand why it hurts so much.  Healing strategies are shared on how to move on, heal and reclaim your self-worth in this casual yet informative conversation with SheWorth co-founder Lara Smith and Psychologist and SheWorth co-founder Kimberly Mueller. 

Million Dollar Beauty Brand Founder Talks Perseverance

On this week’s podcast, Lara interviewed Three Ships Beauty co-founder Laura Burget. Laura told her story of perseverance: through failing a semester of university, starting her beauty company and being diagnosed with a brain tumour in her mid-20’s. Laura shares so much wisdom in this interview as she speaks to her Brave Moments and how she found her passion.

Good things happen when you put yourself in difficult or uncomfortable situations.

Laura Burget, Co-founder of Three Ships Beauty