What Is Your Self Worth?

The custom SheWorth "What is your Self Worth?" quiz is a proprietary tool that will give you an important indicator of where you are at in regards to your own self-worth. This quiz is based on hundreds of client hour interactions, live SheWorth events with women who have been inspired by our work, as well as proven personality assessment questionnaire tools that have been used in the field of Psychology for decades.

Why is this important? Because we must know where we start, to be able to identify the problem, in order to figure out the solution. If you find that you score low on your self-worth, there is hope! You can learn the proprietary SheWorth tools around personality, evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, and behavior change in order to improve your self-worth.

We at SheWorth want to help improve every single woman's self-worth. We believe it is possible because we have seen it time and time again.

Clients in Kim's Psychology practice have transformed their relationships. Women who have been mentored by Lara's encouragement in business have transformed their careers.

SheWorth live events, webinars, and communication have lead women to start businesses, leave abusive marriages, change jobs, improve friendships, and improve their overall mental health.

Take the quiz now to find out how you score. We will provide you with your score and custom feedback on where to go from there.

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