Evidence-based resources rooted in neuroscience and positive psychology to transform your self-worth, which is the path to a happier life full of love and purpose.

Self-Worth Quiz

Designed by SheWorth Co-Founder and Registered Psychologist Kimberly Mueller, the exclusive Self-Worth quiz will provide you with a self-worth score as a baseline to get you started on your self-worth journey!

SheWorth Journal

Developed by SheWorth co-founder and Registered Psychologist Kimberly Mueller. The SheWorth Journal introduces you to science-based principles such as Neuroplasticity, Mirror Neurons, Internal Audience, Negativity Bias and Fixed vs Growth Mindset (to name a few!) to provide the foundation for you to discover your worth and how it has come to be. The SheWorth journal will help you shine a light on your struggles and, more specifically, yourself so that you can begin to make positive change in your life.

SheWorth Digital Workbook

Created by SheWorth co-founder and Registered Psychologist Kimberly Mueller, the SheWorth digital workbook is an instantly downloadable e-workbook that can start your journey on improving your self-worth and ultimately improve your overall mental health and relationships. It is an evidence-based booklet with inspirational and educational information based on scientific principles from the field of Psychology.

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10 Days to Self-Worth Program

This comprehensive program is the result of ground-breaking research on the impact low self-worth has on mental health. Video modules, worksheet and resources in ten days of programming that will have you armed with strategies to improve your relationships, purpose and overall happiness and a measurable improvement in your self-worth.

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Experience a taste of some of the tools from the SheWorth journal and worksheets created by experts in psychology, business, and wellness.

Book Recommendations

A curated list of favourite books to supplement your journey to improve your self-worth and mental health. These books have been identified personally by the co-founders of SheWorth as they support the evidence-based principles SheWorth stands for.