Journal Reviews

Customer Review:

“This journal is not only beautiful but so helpful!  It is packed with bite-sized nuggets of scientific insight and inspirational quotes.  I try to use it everyday and am feeling so inspired. I am planning to gift one to each of my girlfriends!”

– Sarah M. (Reader)

SheWorth Journal: An inspirational vision for feminism and women’s empowerment

Reviewed by John Batchelor, Ph.D.

It is with great pleasure that I offer my review of the SheWorth Journal.  For many years, I have been concerned with issues related to gender equity and mental health.  I took some social justice courses as a graduate student, which helped awaken me to the seriousness and pervasiveness of sexism, gender inequity, and male privilege in our culture.  As a male, I cannot pretend to have a complete understanding of the social forces and experiences that cause many women to struggle with feelings of low self-worth.  Nonetheless, the topics discussed in the SheWorth Journal are of significant importance to me.  I have often expressed that I feel ashamed to say that I identify as male, considering how some men choose to (mis)treat, harass, and abuse women in our culture.  I like to think of myself as a “male feminist.”  I try my best to be a strong advocate for the prevention of bullying, harassment, and abuse.

The front matter of the SheWorth Journal (pages 1-13) contains several brief components, beginning with a “Welcome” message (page 1) and a table of contents (page 3).  “About SheWorth” (page 5) provides helpful contextual information about the SheWorth movement and the magnitude of its aspirations.  “What to Expect” (page 7) characterizes the SheWorth endeavor as a “women’s empowerment movement” and provides examples of the “Brave Moments” construct.  The Introduction (page 9) establishes specific connections among the research on behavioral change, goal setting, and journal writing.  “How to Use” (pages 11-13) provides guidelines for using the SheWorth Journal and briefly summarizes the four primary sections.

Section 1, Education, summarizes the research on several psychological concepts relevant to the SheWorth movement.  These concepts include neuroplasticity, mirror neurons, the “Internal Audience” concept, positive psychology, “negativity bias,” and the distinction between fixed mindset and growth mindset.  The author carefully explains the relationship of each of the aforementioned concepts to the SheWorth movement.  The section concludes with a collection of “Inspired Words” (pages 30-31) and an “Affirmation Bank” (pages 32-33), which provide examples of inspirational quotes and positive affirmations or “I” statements.

Section 2, Your Path to Worthiness, provides guided journal prompts intended to cover a 30 day timeframe.  Section 3, Creativity and Inspiration, provides a space to reflect on an individual’s dreams and aspirations and to identify people or situations that are either helpful or harmful (depleting).  This section encourages participants to record and reflect on “Brave Moments” and to create a personal collection of positive affirmations.  Section 4, Random Musings, provides additional space for journal entries that may not fit neatly into the categories specified in earlier sections.  The SheWorth Journal concludes with a “Thank You” message (page 197) encouraging participants to keep their Journal and reflect on it in the future.

I find the SheWorth endeavor to be amazing and nothing short of groundbreaking.  The Journal is beautifully written and meticulously organized.  The motivational quotations throughout the Journal are well chosen and provide helpful reminders to participants to reflect on their positive characteristics and self-worth.  Based on the content of the SheWorth Journal and the website,, I am convinced that the movement has the potential to bring about meaningful, positive social change on a global scale.  The invitation for women to share their own “Brave Moments” via the website is a delightful component; I am fully confident that this element will help propel the movement forward in the future.

In conclusion, I recommend the SheWorth Journal to any and all women, especially those who struggle with self-esteem issues.  The Journal is also a “must read” for all individuals, regardless of gender identity, who are concerned with gender equity or mental health issues.  Thank you for your consideration.

Editorial Review

“The SheWorth Journal is unquestionably one of the best I’ve come across for helping women discover their “intrinsic self-worth”, as the description promises, and doing it in a way that doesn’t require hours of wading through heavy psychology explaining why and how we may have lost our self-worth in the first place. From the first few pages in, we are treated to meaningful and beautifully illustrated word graphics sprinkled here and there throughout the “education” section to remind us that we don’t need to keep proving ourselves, to trust our own instincts and to choose ourselves first. This Education section is short but jam-packed with evidence-based information written in a simple, conversational tone with a vocabulary easily understood by anyone.

Quickly learn about “neuroplasticity”….a big word, yes… but just a term to explain how pliant our brains are as they change according to what we see, hear, and experience daily. Ever notice how quickly young teens adopt the behaviors, language, likes and dislikes of their peers? That’s their “mirror neurons” at work, Mueller tells us, and it’s not just limited to teens. The thing is, at some point, even adults need to ask themselves if this copy-cat behavior is serving or depleting them? And while we know we should trust our inner voices, we need to monitor that “internal audience” barometer at all times. These are just a few of the concepts the author quickly shares with us before letting us loose to fill the remaining pages with our own thoughts on each day.

The daily, but undated journal sections will be familiar to many of us who like to journal. But following this section, Mueller invites us to fill up the blank pages with our own creative musings. Before writing this review, I decided to get some feedback on the SheWorth Journal from my daughter. She felt the section allotted to creative musings set this journal apart from others she’s used. As a songwriter, this was her favorite section. And we both loved the last section where we could enter “random musings” at any time. Let’s face it: our minds are in constant motion with thoughts tumbling over each other. So often, a great idea or thought is forgotten because it wasn’t written down. As Mueller states, “the act of putting pen to paper can help you clarify your thoughts and emotions.” So true! Try it. You’ll like it!”

-Vida Bogland for Readers Favorite