SheWorth Journal

The SheWorth Journal – Where Science Meets Self-Worth

Written and Researched by Registered Psychologist and SheWorth Co-Founder, Kimberly Mueller

”How can I continue to build my worthiness?” 

3 Reasons to Choose the SheWorth Journal


Evidence backed, science-based strategies to help you become worthy. The SheWorth Journal introduces you to science based principals such as Neuroplasticity, Mirror Neurons, Internal Audience, Negativity Bias and Fixed vs. Growth Mindset (to name a few!), which provide the foundation for you to discover your worth and how it has come to be.


Every woman deserves to feel worthy and this is the first time something so intentional has been put together in one place.  The SheWorth journal is unlike anything out there, combining science and self worth.  We are wired to want “status” amongst our tribe and we can only achieve that when we feel worthy. 


Each day we ask you to consider “What is one thing that went well today?”  Gratitude has been continually proven in the academic literature to cultivate a positive mindset.  A gratitude practice can profoundly shift your perspective on life and the SheWorth journal prompts you to consider what you are grateful for each night.

The SheWorth Journal: Take a look inside

Who should use the SheWorth Journal?

Absolutely any woman who deserves to feel worthy!!!  The SheWorth Journal will remind you to continually check in on your sense of worth and prompt you to catch yourself when you are not feeling worthy!  Once the brain knows… it cannot unknown. The SheWorth Journal aspires to help you “know” so that you can always feel worthy. More specifically, any women who has ever struggled with any mental health concern such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, trauma, OCD, relationships, and stress management.

How can this help with my mental health?

The SheWorth journal was intentionally curated to introduce concepts and principals based on science to help you shine a light on your struggles and more specifically, yourself so that you can begin to make positive change in your life.

How is the SheWorth Journal organized?

The SheWorth Journal is organized into 4 parts:

Part 1- Education

Part 2- Morning/evening questions and prompts to help you feel worthy

Part 3- Creative space with prompts to help you discover your inner Brave Moments and identify relationship patterns

Part 4- Lined journal space for your thoughts and musings

Take a look inside…

Where can I buy the SheWorth Journal?

At all major online retailers including Amazon and Barnes and Noble or by clicking the “Buy Now” button below.  In addition, local retailers are carrying journals in select cities throughout North America.

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